Get Out There!

One way to develop an appreciation and respect for nature is to get out and experience it for yourself. This passion is what led Lucas to get his first VW Vanagon. He acquired it back in 2001 for $1000, in need of major attention. When the original stock engine began to fail on one of his mountain biking expeditions to Moab, he decided to convert it to Subaru power.

He did all the work himself around 2003 before he moved to Santa Cruz, California with his girlfriend, Melina. He worked at Volks Café while he lived in Santa Cruz for about four years. When he and Melina moved back to Colorado, he opened his own shop and began offering Subaru conversions to the local community in Boulder and even to many who came from all over the country for his services. He and Melina both have a love for nature that originally inspired them to travel the country in Lucas’ Vanagon. They have many fond memories from their adventures and enjoy helping others get out there as well.

Together they have explored iconic west coast locales like Big Basin, Point Lobos, Big Sur, and much more. Moab, Utah and the mountains of Colorado are favorite destinations as well. Additionally, Lucas has gone on Baja surfing trips in his own “wild westy” with his dad and has gone on countless back country snowboarding and mountain biking expeditions with his long term friends in Boulder. For him adventure is a way of life.

Of course when you are living in Boulder, Colorado, you don’t have to travel far to experience nature’s wonders and appreciate all the pristine natural beauty within reach. Lucas and his girlfriend both grew up living close to nature and share a deep appreciation for it. Melina grew up in North Boulder before it was developed, making it similar to growing up in the country. Lucas grew up in the small mountain town of Nederland, Colorado. Both enjoy sharing this passion for the outdoors and look forward to hearing from you!

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea and drink the wild air.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson
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